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Thomas Waldmann  committed 762ca22

link to new +refs view from itemviews template

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File MoinMoin/config/default.py

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             ('frontend.rename_item', L_('Rename'), L_('Rename this item'), True, ),
             ('frontend.delete_item', L_('Delete'), L_('Delete this item'), True, ),
             ('frontend.destroy_item', L_('Destroy'), L_('Completely destroy this item'), True, ),
-            ('frontend.backrefs', L_('Referrers'), L_('What refers here?'), False, ),
+            ('frontend.refs', L_('References'), L_('Show incoming and outgoing references'), False, ),
             ('frontend.sitemap', L_('Site Map'), L_('Local Site Map of this item'), True, ),
             ('frontend.similar_names', L_('Similar'), L_('Items with similar names'), False, ),
         ], 'list of edit bar entries (list of tuples (endpoint, label))'),

File MoinMoin/templates/itemviews.html

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             {%- if endpoint in [
                 'frontend.show_item', 'frontend.index', 'frontend.highlight_item',
                 'frontend.show_item_meta', 'frontend.download_item',
-                'frontend.history', 'frontend.backrefs', 'frontend.sitemap',
+                'frontend.history', 'frontend.refs', 'frontend.sitemap',
                 'frontend.similar_names', 'frontend.copy_item',
             ] %}