Ashutosh Singla  committed a8e6794

Updated admin views to support fqnames.

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File MoinMoin/apps/admin/templates/admin/userbrowser.html

     {% for u in user_accounts %}
-        <td><a href="{{ url_for('frontend.show_item',[0]) }}">{{|join(',') }}</a>{{ u.disabled and " (%s)" % _("disabled") or ""}}</td>
+        <td><a href="{{ url_for('frontend.show_item', item_name=u.fqname) }}">{{|join(',') }}</a>{{ u.disabled and " (%s)" % _("disabled") or ""}}</td>
         <td>{{ u.groups|join(',') }}</td>
             {% if %}

File MoinMoin/apps/admin/

 from MoinMoin.themes import render_template
 from MoinMoin.apps.admin import admin
 from MoinMoin import user
-from MoinMoin.constants.keys import NAME, ITEMID, SIZE, EMAIL, DISABLED
+from MoinMoin.constants.keys import NAME, ITEMID, SIZE, EMAIL, DISABLED, NAME_EXACT
+from MoinMoin.constants.namespaces import NAMESPACE_USERPROFILES
 from MoinMoin.constants.rights import SUPERUSER
 from import require_permission
+from MoinMoin.util.interwiki import CompositeName
     revs = user.search_users()  # all users
     user_accounts = [dict(uid=rev.meta[ITEMID],
+                          fqname=CompositeName(NAMESPACE_USERPROFILES, NAME_EXACT,,
                           groups=[groupname for groupname in groups if rev.meta[NAME] in groups[groupname]],

File MoinMoin/themes/

 from MoinMoin.i18n import _, L_, N_
 from MoinMoin import wikiutil, user
 from MoinMoin.constants.keys import USERID, ADDRESS, HOSTNAME, REVID, ITEMID, NAME_EXACT
-from MoinMoin.constants.namespaces import NAMESPACE_DEFAULT
+from MoinMoin.constants.namespaces import NAMESPACE_DEFAULT, NAMESPACE_USERPROFILES
 from import SearchForm
 from MoinMoin.util.interwiki import split_interwiki, getInterwikiHome, is_local_wiki, is_known_wiki, url_for_item, CompositeName, split_fqname
 from MoinMoin.util.crypto import cache_key
             # We cannot check if wiki pages exists in remote wikis
             exists = True
-        wiki_href = url_for_item(itemname, wiki_name=wikiname)
+        wiki_href = url_for_item(itemname, wiki_name=wikiname,namespace=NAMESPACE_USERPROFILES)
         return wiki_href, display_name, title, exists
     def split_navilink(self, text):