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File MoinMoin/converter/_tests/

         assert '<p></p>' not in rendered
     def test_IncludeAsLinkAlternate(self):
+        # the 3rd parameter, u'',  should be a binary string defining a png image, but it is not needed for this simple test
+        update_item(u'logo.png', {CONTENTTYPE: u'image/png'}, u'')
+        update_item(u'page2', {CONTENTTYPE: u'text/;charset=utf-8'}, u"Single Line")
         # image as link alternate
         update_item(u'page1', {CONTENTTYPE: u'text/;charset=utf-8'}, u"text [[page2|{{logo.png}}]] text")
         rendered = Item.create(u'page1').content._render_data()

File MoinMoin/script/migration/moin19/

             # we prepare some values for the case we don't find a better value in edit-log:
             meta = {MTIME: -1,  # fake, will get 0 in the end
                     NAME: [item_name],  # will get overwritten with name from edit-log
-                                      # if we have an entry there
+                                        # if we have an entry there
                 revpath = os.path.join(item.path, 'revisions', '{0:08d}'.format(revno - 1))