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Removed full stops from user titles

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File MoinMoin/apps/frontend/

     Provides a link to all the global views.
     return render_template('all.html',
-                           title_name=_(u"Global Views."),
+                           title_name=_(u"Global Views"),
                            fqname=CompositeName(u'all', NAME_EXACT, u'')

File MoinMoin/templates/all.html

 {% extends theme("layout.html") %}
 {% block content %}
-<h1>{{ _("Global Views.") }}</h1>
+<h1>{{ _("Global Views") }}</h1>
     <li><a href="{{ url_for('frontend.global_history', namespace='all') }}">{{ _("History") }}</a></li>
     <li><a href="{{ url_for('frontend.global_tags', namespace='all') }}">{{ _("Tags") }}</a></li>