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remove some unused imports

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     Each class in this module corresponds to an itemtype.
-import time
-import itertools
-import types
 import json
 from StringIO import StringIO
 from collections import namedtuple
 from import TextCha, TextChaizedForm
 from MoinMoin.signalling import item_modified
 from import AccessDenied
-from import NoSuchItemError, NoSuchRevisionError, StorageError
+from import NoSuchItemError, NoSuchRevisionError
 from MoinMoin.i18n import L_
 from MoinMoin.themes import render_template
 from MoinMoin.util.mime import Type


 import itertools
 import time
 import datetime
-import types
-from StringIO import StringIO
 from MoinMoin import log
 logging = log.getLogger(__name__)
 from flask import current_app as app
 from whoosh.fields import Schema, TEXT, ID, IDLIST, NUMERIC, DATETIME, KEYWORD, BOOLEAN
-from whoosh.index import EmptyIndexError
 from whoosh.writing import AsyncWriter
 from whoosh.qparser import QueryParser, MultifieldParser, RegexPlugin, \
 from MoinMoin import user
 from import item_name_analyzer, MimeTokenizer, AclTokenizer
 from MoinMoin.themes import utctimestamp
-from MoinMoin.util.crypto import make_uuid
 from import ContentMetaSchema, UserMetaSchema
 from import NoSuchItemError, ItemAlreadyExistsError
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