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Adds test for resize transclusions (moinwiki converter)

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 import re
-from MoinMoin.util.tree import moin_page, xlink
+from MoinMoin.util.tree import moin_page, xlink, html, xinclude
 from MoinMoin.converter.moinwiki_in import Converter
     namespaces = {
         moin_page: '',
         xlink: 'xlink',
+        html: 'xhtml',
+        xinclude: 'xinclude',
     output_re = re.compile(r'\s+xmlns(:\S+)?="[^"]+"')
                 '<page><body><p><a xlink:href="">MoinMoin</a></p></body></page>'),
                 '<page><body><p><a xlink:href="wiki.local:MoinMoin">MoinMoin</a></p></body></page>'),
+            (u'{{somelocalimage||width=10, height=10}}',
+                '<page><body><p><xinclude:include xhtml:height="10" xhtml:width="10" xinclude:href="wiki.local:somelocalimage?" /></p></body></page>'),
+            (u'{{somelocalimage||width=10, &h=10}}',
+                '<page><body><p><xinclude:include xhtml:width="10" xinclude:href="wiki.local:somelocalimage?h=10" /></p></body></page>'),
+            (u'{{|test|width=10, height=10}}',
+                '<page><body><p><object alt="test" xhtml:height="10" xhtml:width="10" xlink:href="">test</object></p></body></page>'),
                 '<page><body><p><object xlink:href="" /></p></body></page>', None, 'unknown'),
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