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File MoinMoin/config/default.py

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         ('create_index', False, "Create (initialize) the index before trying to use them."),
         ('destroy_storage', False, "Destroy (empty) the storage backends after using them."),
         ('destroy_index', False, "Destroy (empty) the index after using it."),
+        ('mimetypes_to_index_as_empty', [], "List of mimetypes which are indexed as though they were empty."),
     # ==========================================================================
     'items': ('Special Item Names', None, (

File MoinMoin/storage/middleware/indexing.py

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         def tell(self, *args, **kw):
             return self.data.tell(*args, **kw)
+    if meta[CONTENTTYPE] in app.cfg.mimetypes_to_index_as_empty:
+        print "SKIPPING", meta[NAME]
+        return u''
     if not item_name:
         item_name = get_names(meta)[0]