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invalidate sessions that refer to non-existing user profiles, improve docs

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File MoinMoin/auth/

-            if userobj.valid and not userobj.validate_session(session_token):
+            if not userobj.validate_session(session_token):
                 logging.debug("session token doesn't validate")
                 # Destroy current session since it's no longer valid.

File MoinMoin/config/

             SHOW_COMMENTS: False,
             WANT_TRIVIAL: False,
             ENC_PASSWORD: u'',  # empty value == invalid hash
+            SESSION_KEY: u'',  # empty value == invalid key
             DISABLED: False,
             BOOKMARKS: {},
             QUICKLINKS: [],

File MoinMoin/

             return self.generate_session_token()
     def validate_session(self, token):
-        """ Check if the session token is valid. """
+        """ Check if the session token is valid.
+        Invalid session tokens happen for these cases:
+        a) there are multiple sessions (different machines, different browsers)
+           open for same user. the user then changes the password in one of
+           these, which creates a new session key in the profile also, which
+           invalidates all sessions everywhere else for this user.
+        b) the user profile is gone (e.g. due to erasing the storage), then
+           a invalid session key will be read from the profile (from cfg.user_defaults)
+           that will never validate against the session key read from the
+           session.
+        """
         # Ignore timeout, it's already handled by session cookie and session key should never timeout.
         return valid_token(self.profile[SESSION_KEY], token, None)