Issue #109 open

"Similar View" always shown on item create

Reimar Bauer avatarReimar Bauer created an issue

If "Similar View" needs an extra click it will be usually ignored on item create. The result of "Similar View" should be shown at item creation time.

We maybe should offer to enter the new name as alias to the given name after selection.

Or to use it as template for a new item

Or to return to the item where we used that name. So it can be corrected there.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann
    • changed status to open

    Show similar item names at item creation: yes, agreed, that is useful and we also do it in 1.9.

    adding aliases in the creation view: no. if you want to do that, you can just visit that other item and modify it. no need to make the usual item creation even more complex as it already is.

    It is unclear to me what line 4 in your issue means.

  2. Reimar Bauer

    line 4

    if you want to create a page and see a list of similar names you also can find one which is the one you want to create but has a typo in its name. Then you navigate to this one and fix the typo. This is another usecase of show similiar at item creation time.

  3. Alexander Dietrich

    Hi, I would like to try working on this, if possible.

    It seems that a NonExistent item should search for items with similar names (like similar_names() in and present suggestions via the template, right?

    I guess the findMatches() functionality could move from to the items package.

  4. Thomas Waldmann

    note about server load:

    we have to expect links pointing to nonexisting items (from the outside as well as from the inside, to somehow valid item names as well as to just weird crap).

    if a crawler follows these links and http GETs a nonexisting item, this should not cause expensive operations (like automatically doing searches).

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