Default download name for archive member is archive name, should be member name

Roger Haase avatarRoger Haase created an issue

When viewing an archive item (.tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip), clicking on an archive member will either open the member in the browser or open a download file dialog. If the download file dialog is opened, the default file name is the archive name, not the member name. If Save is clicked, only the member is downloaded.

Same issue happens when right-clicking on the member name and choosing save.

Comments (2)

  1. Roger Haase

    A related issue is the handling of sub-directories within the archive display. Directory names appear the same as file names with a size of 0. Downloading a directory creates a new file. Assuming there is a way to distinguish between directories and files of 0 bytes, it would be better if directory names were displayed as plain text or omitted.

    Another issue is the size column is aligned-left. The cells need a class of moin-integer.

    The date column would be more legible if the T between the date and time were replaced with a blank.

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