kyoto tycoon (kt) store uses not threadsafe httplib

Thomas Waldmann avatarThomas Waldmann created an issue

kt uses httplib and creates a connection when opening the store.

if the store is used by multiple threads, this could create issues as httplib is not threadsafe.

alternatives we have?

Comments (5)

  1. hacklab

    there are two options: either we can use some sort of thread local Http Connection; or use some thread safe library (additional dependencies...)

  2. Ronny Pfannschmidt

    2 major issues

    1. there is need for a connection pool or a lib that handles it (i would strongly suggest restkit, since its upcoming apis for dealing with normal sockets vs gevent vs eventlet is quite practical)
    2. there is need for thread-safe cursor id's (currently only cursor 0 is used and reset)
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