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Radomir Dopieralski
created an issue

There is a large icon set similar to the popular "silk" web icons, called "fugue":

It looks like MoinMoin could use those icons. The task is to look through all of moin's icons and find replacements for them from the fugue icon set, then prepare a mapping between the old icon names and the fugue icon names.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner
    • changed status to open

    note: moin2 does not use many icons yet on the UI. So either you have to look through them on the FS level or use moin 1.9 for the first "does it have all we need" check.

    The new icons should not be put into moin 1.9 though, just use 1.9 for checking, if needed.

  2. Anonymous

    We have a fair amount of pngs and gifs: a little over 400. I think we could pull the issue into a broader perspective and question whether all images are actually used (and subsequently remove those that are not) as well as question whether we should discard some of the remaining ones, even if they are called in the code (smileys / emoticons, jagged images, obscure images). Only then should we look into creating a mapping of whatever we feel should remain. Fugue would be a good set, as well as tango (

  3. RogerHaase

    But before we throw them all away, we should look for areas where icons could be useful is saving space. One possibility is the item history page where the 6 text Actions take a full 100 cm of horizontal space.

    Another space-saving possibility is to use icons for some of the frequently used choices within Item Views similar to the old Classic theme in moin 1.9.

  4. RogerHaase

    At present we use some of the old 1.x icons and Font Awesome icons on the UI. These get the job done for the present, although there are few good choices for "meta". New macros for Icon, ShowIcons, and FontAwesome have been added so users can find and add these icons to wiki content.

    I looked at adding a new macro to load a Fugue icon into the wiki content. Main issue I see with the Fugue set is it requires a 1 MB CSS file to be loaded. Also there are so many icons, it is difficult to find the best choice should you not get an immediate hit on the name search. The 16x16 icons seem too small to be of much use.

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