moin index-build -s -i # loops forever under Windows 7

Issue #122 resolved
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(A fresh installation on Windows.)

Or, if it is working, it runs a very long time.

I created a fresh moin-2.0 clone following the installation instructions. Running the "moin index-build -s -i" command appears to loop forever under Windows 7. The attached output is a result of a 1-3 second run interrupted by ctrl-C.

If left running longer, physical memory increases steadily as new Python processes are created. CPU usage is high, but not pegged at 100%. Physical memory usage went from about 1 GB to 4 GB within about 2 minutes after starting, then heavy disk swap activity began. I could not determine if any python processes completed. It appears as if a new process is created about every second and none ever complete.

Python version is 2.6.5.

(A fresh installation on Ubuntu was successful.)

whoosh version 2.3.1

A workaround is to use:

moin index-build -s -i -p1

which runs quickly, or you can just cancel the "moin index-build -s -i" command with ctrl-C after a few seconds.

Under Ubuntu 11.11, the "moin index-build -s -i" command creates 16 files in the .../wiki/index/ directory. Under Windows 7, the "moin index-build -s -i -p1" command creates 4 files, and canceling the "moin index-build -s -i" command creates 3 files. This does not appear to matter, as starting the built-in server and creating any page will create the "missing" files.