svgdraw creates wrong item

Issue #149 open
Reimar Bauer
created an issue

by some change svgdraw (may be this counts for all drawing items) now saves to item name "undefined" and not to the given one.

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  1. Sam Toyer

    I've figured out the problem here - env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/xstatic/pkg/svgedit_moin/data/editor/extensions/ext-server_moinsave.js has a line:

    var name = qstr.substr(9).split('/+get/')[1];

    Which should be:

    var name = qstr.substr(9).split('/%2Bget/')[1];

    As Flask's url_for quotes the URL so it can be included in the form.

    Presumably it was broken by an upstream change in Flask or Werkzeug.

    Also: the "Unable to load from URL:\nundefined" error message is unrelated, undefined refers to the fact that jQuery did not return an error message when it got a 404 on the /+get/<item name> page. See line 4813 of svg-editor.js.

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