+rename keeps the last editor as author

Issue #156 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

when you rename an item, the current user is not set in USERID meta. so the old USERID is saved.

Here some code I think that fix it. It's a good ideia to put this in tests too.



def _rename(self, name, comment, action, delete=False): new_name = name meta = self.prepare_meta_for_modify(self.meta) if flaskg.user.valid: del meta[USERID] self._save(meta, self.data, name=new_name, action=action, comment=comment, delete=delete) for child in self.get_index(): item = Item.create(child[0]) meta = item.prepare_meta_for_modify(item.meta) if flaskg.user.valid: del meta[USERID] new_name = u'/'.join((name, child[1])) item._save(meta, item.data, name=new_name, action=action, comment=comment, delete=delete)


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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    hmm, guess the previous userid meta should get killed in ANY case (not just if user is valid). if a anon user is doing the rename, we still do no want to keep the previous userid.

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