use awesome font instead of icons?

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Thomas Waldmann
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Looks nice, is there some catch?

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    while thinking about it, i found some colour related pro/con:

    con: colour usage is limited to fg / bg colour - one can't have multi-coloured icon with this method.

    pro: having just bg and fg colour makes it much easier for theme (css) designers to adapt the icons to their theme colours without having to draw new icons.

  2. Reimar Bauer

    Instead of a unicode font we can also think on svg fonts. svg should have multicolor capability but we need to check this / create a font or find one useable for us.

  3. RogerHaase

    SVG fonts is now a deprecated feature per above link, browser support has dropped to 28%. Only Safari supports svg fonts (how does that make 28%?)

    Font awesome has been installed for some time and is in widespread, but not exclusive, use in moin2.

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