image converter doesn't care about revision

Issue #21 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

if you have an image item with multiple (different) revisions and you go to its history view, you can "show" or "download" each revision of it.

problem: "show" always shows the current revision of the image, because it does not include the revno in the img src url.

"download" works correctly and uses the correct url.

other converters should also be checked whether they process the correct revision.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    refactored calling convention of converters, add rev=n qs argument for Iris (fixes #21)

    Now converters get fed either with the revision (for binary items) or the markup lines (for text items).

    Converters getting revisions (rev=... in qs) now create links to specific revnos.

    Cleaned up some code in the link converter and enabled it to create links to specific revisions.


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