browser back button on settings view does not go back

Issue #229 resolved
Reimar Bauer
created an issue

if one is on settings one can't use the browser's back button to get to the previous view.

e.g. if you were at Home, then at settings, you can't go to Home, you stay on settings.

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  1. Reimar Bauer reporter

    if I want to leave the modify view without an edit I usually click the back button.

    It would be good we could fix troublesome of that navigation because it will be very difficult to explain to common user where he can use that navigation element or better don't.

  2. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    if you leave modify view by back button, you end up on a normal view. that's a different case than you described in this issue and usually not a problem (except that the old item view might be not the latest one, but that is expected).

  3. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    also, there should be a link to current item or some other useful items (normal show view) on any view we have.

    you can choose to click on:

    • some trail item (usually the item you want with "back" is there also)
    • the item name in the title area (this is not backlinks search any more as in 1.9)
    • the icon to get to front page
    • any item listed in the navigation / navi_bar
  4. RogerHaase

    The problem is caused by the function initMoinTabs within common.js using location.hash as a variable. Needs a rewrite:

    • replace location.hash with ordinary variable
    • is setInterval needed?
    • more helpful comments
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