Issue #235 resolved

unify descriptions on item views

Reimar Bauer
created an issue

We use sometimes the word Item in the description of an item on its view. I think that is not necessary because we know what it is. I also think that enclosing the name in '' e.g. 'Home' makes it better readable.

The sentence "Syntax highlighting for Item: Home" is too long, e.g. it can be "Syntax of 'Home'"

{{{ History of 'Home' Modifying Home Index of subitems of 'Home' Syntax highlighting for Item: Home Metadata of 'Home' Rename 'Home' Delete 'Home' DESTROY COMPLETE item 'Home' Items which refer to 'Home' SiteMap of Home Items with similar names to 'Home' }}}

Comments (4)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    yes, always put item name in single quotes.

    Syntax highlighting of 'Home'

    keep as is: DESTROY COMPLETE item 'Home' (it is important to note whether one completely destroys an item or just a single revision)

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