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Issue #238 invalid

index-create when items exists should ask user if he wants an index-update instead

Reimar Bauer
created an issue

currently if you have already content and run moin index-create the index does not know about any existing items. The result looks like a fresh wiki.

Likly the user wants to call index-update. I think we should check about existing content and request a "Yes" if that really is wanted to have a fresh index.

On my machine if I do later a index-update the newer homepage for example becomes then replaced by the old one.

Comments (4)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    the current stuff works exactly as intended and the admin is of course required to know what he/she does. this is the usual way on UNIX.

    the difference between "create", "build" and "update" should be clear enough. if not, feel free to update the docs / help.

    for wiki farms sharing a common index, a clear separation of these actions is important, as you create only once (per farm index), and then call build multiple times for each of your wikis. In that situation, the index WILL already have content (from another wiki) when build for the next wiki adds indexing data for that one.

    btw, update is only intended to be used for situations when you expect that most of the contents is already in the index. if you know that there is nothing (like after doing a create), build is way more efficient.

    if I didn't cover all aspects of your issue, then please file a new one about the remaining stuff.

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