upload/download vs moin item-get/item-put

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Reimar Bauer
created an issue

currently we don't save meta from an item if we call download. We do this on cli by item-get.

Also for uploading we don't require a meta file.

As long we had only one itemtype this was a different problem. A downloaded blog entry becomes only a blog entry if there is an entry in itemtype.

If some meta is available for an item it should be possible to upload that too

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    ok, so, in short words, we need to be able to upload metadata using some (json?) file upload and this should override metadata json textarea and metadata widgets.

  2. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    but note that download/upload has a bit different usecase that item-get/put:

    download/upload on the ui is only intended to make it possible to edit the data part, it is intended that metadata is edited on the wiki ui (if needed).

    item-get/put otoh is intended to make offline-editing possible.

  3. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    download: one has to consider that users of a wiki usually are interested in the data ("download that pdf") and not so much in the metadata of it. we have a separate metadata view, so you can copy&paste it from there if you need it (there could be also a download link on the meta view). adding an additional intermediate view for "Download" (where you get both meta and data offered as separate downloads) would likely rather annoy people, because they always would have one click more.

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