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Issue #250 resolved

Destroying renamed items throws an exception

created an issue

The problem is that renaming preserves the revision's dataid (old revision has some dataid as new revision with the change name metadata), while destroying a revision destroys it related data too.

Say revision a and b have the same dataid, when a first gets destroyed the related data is destroyed. When trying to destroy revision b, an exception is raised.

Try http://test.moinmo.in/+destroy/targz for instance. The problem is illustrated in http://rn0.ru/show/HOrk6vOcZY5aSIM0j3Kd/.

The solution can be either

1) copy the data when renaming, resulting in a different dataid (like when changing meta only)

2) implement reference counting for data store, instead of destroying related data when destroying a revision

Comments (5)

  1. Reimar Bauer

    Since the merge of the namespace branch we have more possibilities to the classic rename.

    For the meaning of keep itemid and content of all revisions but use a different name, we have only to add the new name to the name list.

    If we want a new itemid with the same content this is similiar to a copy ot the item data and meta into a new item. For this case we have to request with all revisions or with the recent one.

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