foobar headings miss the anchor link

Issue #251 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

if you compare a foobar theme content heading to a modernized theme content heading, you'll notice the the anchor link that appears right to the heading text on mouseover is not present in foobar theme.

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  1. RogerHaase

    A related issue on modernized theme is that the anchor link (paragraph symbol) font size is larger than the heading line. Mousing over any heading line causes the heading bottom border and all content below the border to jump downward a few pixels.

  2. RogerHaase

    Perhaps it is because of the jumping issue above, but I find the anchor link that appears on mouseover annoying and too small a target. An alternative method may be to make the heading text the anchor and remove the paragraph marker. Changing the mouse pointer on mouseover should be sufficient to indicate there is a link.

  3. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    Yes, I also noticed the jumping issue.

    About the anchor link char: yes, it is small to target, but otoh, it is a functionality not used THAT often, so no big issue imho (I am open to other suggestions, though).

    About making the headline text itself the anchor link: no, we should not do that. Currently our headlines are simple text, so it would be possible, but there have been requests to put markup into headlines, so somebody might want to make a headline link somewhere else (if we implement that). That would conflict then with using it as a anchor.

  4. Jaiditya

    I think anchor link should not be present in any theme, its sort of distracting and jumping is something which makes it more distracting so removing it would be better.

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