use of HTML5 <INPUT> attribute placeholder

Issue #26 resolved
Reimar Bauer created an issue

We should give a hint into a INPUT form field by using the placeholder attribute.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    this is not a "bug", but a "proposal". component is "user interface". fixed.

    note: for browsers not implementing this attribute, we'll need to keep the current the javascript solution.

    so the question is: which browsers do implement / do not implement this?

  2. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    There seems to be good support in recent browsers and no bad effects in old ones, so we can just use it.

    Implemented by:



    Note: doesn't combine well with autofocus: the placeholder text is not shown if a field is focussed. So if you want to show the placeholder, don't autofocus that field.

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