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Issue #262 new

GAE: logging configuration behaves strangely / hangs when activated

Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

applies to gae branch, taken from Guido's patch

moin2 currently only works on GAE if "configured = True" is set in MoinMoin/log.py. If one sets this to False (like it usually should be), it somehow hangs.

Maybe this has something to do with the hackish way we use "logging":

In very old moins, we just imported logging (module) and then did logging.debug(...) and used logging.INFO/DEBUG/... constants.

Later, this was refactored to use logger objects (not the module) and we just bound the logger object to the name "logging", so the old way of calling it still worked. We also patched the misc. constants into the logger object, so they also kept working. See MoinMoin.log for details.

I am not sure what exactly is going wrong with that on GAE, but maybe we should refactor the way we use logging so it is less hackish. Refactoring should be done at some time with no unmerged stuff on parallel branches/repos, because this would likely require global changes which might cause lots of conflicts otherwise.

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