create a setup-less moin using stuff from gae support

Issue #263 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

make gaesupport / gaetgz (see gae branch) is intended to work around that we can't use virtualenv / pip / on GAE.

We likely could also use it to create a setup-less moin for users just wanting the old "download, unpack, run"-like way as we had in moin 1.x.

Maybe we could even re-use that MoinMoin/ for that scenario?

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    note about jinja2:

    GAE offers us jinja2 (see app.yaml), but of course a desktop install needs jinja2 (and we can't expect it already being there).

    So I guess the best way to unify this is to ignore that GAE offers us jinja2 and just bring our own in support/. (needs testing whether this causes problems on GAE, but I think it should work as we modify sys.path to first use our stuff)

    Thus, "make gaesupport" would become "make support", "make gaetgz" would become "make supporttgz".

  2. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    the support/* files must NOT get committed to the repo. these files are not part of the moin project, just dependencies.

    we had such stuff in the repo for moin 1.x, but it just made the repo awfully big (and one also has to care about updating the repo with dependency updates then).

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