pytest 2.3 / moin test issues

Issue #278 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
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there is a bug that makes pytest 2.3.2 unusable for typical flask apps, see:

after that is solved and the attached patch is applied to our store tests, it should work for us, but still doesn't - likely there is something strange in our that makes (pytest's) request.param malfunction somehow. see also (same as the patch, for review)

needs more research - until it is fixed we require < 2.3 by

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  1. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    current state from my workdir.

    as seen in the log, there are a lot of failures/errors still that I can not explain (e.g. test_serialization fails because there is no app context, but tstapp is a autouse fixture, so there should be an app context).

    other failures are somehow expected, e.g. if an app/request context is required by setup_method() - such stuff should be replaced by fixtures.

  2. Holger Krekel

    I've updated pytest on version 2.3.4dev6:

    • fixes an autouse issue where autouse fixtures would not be considered in certain cases (off-by-one error internally)

    • makes yielded functions honour autouse fixtures, this is a bit a experimental but seems to work (now all tests in MoinMoin/converter/_tests/ pass for example)

    there are still failures but i think they are mostly due to unconverted tests?!

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