ReST page results in 500 error

Issue #279 resolved
Marijn Vriens
created an issue

When experimenting with Moin2 and modifying a test ReST blogentry page so that it contains the following:

This is the entry

it's **really** tasty

.. image:: closed_forms_login.png 

Moin2 (mercurial version) fails with a 500 error.

The page did work until I added the ".. image::" line. An image named "closed_forms_login.png" is available at "/public-blog/new/closed_forms_login.png"

Meta data of the page is:

  "action": "SAVE", 
  "address": "", 
  "contenttype": "text/x-rst;charset=utf-8", 
  "dataid": "8ea7b4fae3414213a5903a4074186a6e", 
  "externallinks": [], 
  "itemid": "09c7a68791dd467b9b822d843a405de6", 
  "itemlinks": [], 
  "itemtransclusions": [], 
  "itemtype": "blogentry", 
  "mtime": 1351896684, 
  "name": "public-blog/new", 
  "parentid": "dc1ae5d78e0a490089f767d8914a7cde", 
  "ptime": 1351895407, 
  "revid": "60b58156a74f439fbd948a495ea8c02a", 
  "sha1": "2409695a1a8398037080736b548c8c12a7239580", 
  "size": 80, 
  "summary": "The is the blog entry.", 
  "tags": [
  "userid": "ea0b722e94ad4dc49663ed4077645e06", 
  "wikiname": "protocultura-wiki"

The traceback as dumped to console is attached to this ticket.

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