Nicer editing of Extra MetaData (JSON)

Issue #280 new
Tarashish Mishra created an issue

Currently the Extra MetaData (JSON) field showed while creating or modifying an item is just a text area with a bunch of json.

It should be revamped to make metadata editing easier.

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  1. Reimar Bauer

    Currently Extra MetaData (JSON) looks like this.

      "externallinks": [], 
      "itemid": "0be2f5fe19104f0ca182c98db59a6183", 
      "itemlinks": [], 
      "itemtransclusions": [], 
      "namespace": "", 
      "parentid": "7f5cac120534457c9dbfde2847eb1afc", 
      "wikiname": "MyMoinMoin"

    Those should not only show an ascii list of items. I would prefer an advanced view.

    • "externallinks":

      • show the state of accessible or broken link,
    • "itemlinks": [],

      • exists
      • navigate to
      • create
      • modify
    • "itemtransclusions": [],

      • exists
      • navigate to
      • fullsize, section of the transcluded item
      • placeholder
      • similar names, or similar content
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