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Issue #289 resolved

orphans view shows item views panel

Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

although it is a global view (not related to some specific item), the /+orphans view shows the item views sidepanel (reproduced with foobar theme, please also check modernized theme).

Comments (5)

  1. RogerHaase

    Same problem exists in modernized theme.

    Same problem within /+mychanges, /+wanteds, and /+tags/<some tag name> views.

    Sidenote: Is there a link to +mychanges? Should it be included within /+admin/user?

  2. Zbyněk Winkler

    I do not really mind the panel as such. Having a place for link such as subscribe, add link and referrers seems to be ok. However there are no handlers for them. Should they work for such views? OTOH /+history/<pagename> is missing the panel, as is /+index/<pagename>.

  3. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    zwn: as item-related views need an item, it doesn't make sense having them linked on a global view (as we don't know some specific item name there they could relate to).

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