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Issue #29 resolved

Transcluded csv page is not wrapped with object overlay

created an issue

While most other types of transcluded pages are wrapped with the wrap_object_with_overlay defined in html_out.py; pages defined as type csv are not wrapped.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner
    • changed status to open

    It seems that the mechanism doing the overlay wrapping does not trigger for tables.

    So the question is: should it trigger for tables?

    Or should we wrap the table (that is created by text_csv_in.py) into some other element?

  2. RogerHaase reporter

    When transcluded into another item, CSV and TAR items both return a "table" tag as the top level element rather than the expected page > body > table structure.

    In addition to not being identified as a transclusion, there is an HTML validation error caused by the table tag being wrapped within a P tag.


    line 270 column 573 - Error: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

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