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Issue #301 invalid

download and upload

Reimar Bauer
created an issue

Should we always use tar or zip for a downloaded item. Including files for data and for meta?

That would make it possible to upload content from one wiki to an other. Workflow is:

  • download item
  • upload item

If we want to import something for data only we could have an addtional feature of the item data editor itselfs. E.g. svg-edit has its own import feature for SVG graphics.

Comments (1)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    we already have a serialization format that can serialize meta and data into 1 file, so i don't see why we need yet another way for that.

    additionally, using ANY way of bundling meta and data for the normal download seems backwards as usually users are just interested in the data and of course want that in some easy and direct way, without having to use some other tool (unzip, unserialize, ...) to access the data.

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