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collab editor

Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

for editing wiki items (esp. text-based items), we could use some collaborative multi-user editor that synchronizes editor contents in realtime. for many use cases, this avoids conflicting edits and having to merge stuff afterwards.

the usual problems (I have looked at a lot of such stuff over the last years and about everything failed for some reason or the other):

we don't want to maintain the editor code ourselves, so we need some usable 3rd party code und a GPL v2+ compatible license.

it shouldn't be too slow.

it needs to be actively maintained.

it should be easily integratable, not requiring exotic additional stuff.

even better would it be if we could easily do the server component within the moin wsgi app.

it shouldn't be overbloated with stuff we don't need / can't use.

it should solve the "collab editing" problem in a generalized way (do it can be used for ANY text, not being specialized to some own or single markup).

it should work reasonably well.

transformations markup -> html, html -> markup shall stay server-side and in python. having to reimplement / duplicate all converters in javascript (or other languages) is not wanted.