index view needs rewrite for multiple names

Issue #320 resolved
Thomas Waldmann repo owner created an issue

namespaces branch:

the index view code needs to consider that meta[NAME] is a list and deal with multiple names in a reasonable way.

also, currently the links rendered are wrong (but just fixing this is not enough).

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  1. Roger Haase

    Subitem display has similar issue with incorrect links.

    To create the problem:

    • create new item "MyItem"
    • before saving the page, scroll down and modify the Extra MetaData (JSON) area to include alias names:

        "name": [
    • view global index page, note MyItem and MyItemXXX are both listed, the links should point to appropriate name, not a list

    • view Home page, note subitem link should point to an appropriate name, not a list

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