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Thomas Waldmann created an issue 2012-08-14

"Assigned To", "Superseded By", "Depends On" are handled by dropdown menus.

First is filled with all users to select one from, the other 2 are filled with all(?) other tickets to select one from.

Both likely does not scale if you have many users / tickets, because the menu then gets very large, likely too large to handle.

How can we solve this in a better way?

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  1. Roger Haase

    This issue applies to tickets. To see the problem, create multiple tickets and multiple users and envision the size of the dropdown boxes should there be 50 users and 500 tickets.

    The solution requires several steps:

    1. Review alternatives, is Chosen the best fit?
    2. If choice is Chosen, there is an outdated Xstatic package:
    3. Either update the Chosen package, or create Xstatic packaging for the alternative (assuming Xstatic packaging applies)
    4. Modify to add the xstatic package.
    5. Find a place to load the js or css files
    6. Fix the dropdown boxes.

    (If the obsolete version of Chosen works well enough, step 3 may be done last)

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