When uploading files via Global Index, IE9 also downloads a file

Issue #327 wontfix
Roger Haase created an issue

This issue was part of #196.

When using IE9 to upload one or more file the fast way: Global Index > Actions > New item > Upload Files > ...select files ... > Start All; IE9 shows a popup window asking "Do you want to open or save +jfu-server1d373a1d from" If the user says yes, then the downloaded file is similar to:

  "url": "/%2Bshow/%2B8fe96aa2d57847e99d607fed1f1c6a04/dralogo.jpg", 
  "contenttype": "moin-mime-image", 
  "name": "dralogo.jpg", 
  "size": 1272

If multiple files are uploaded, only one file corresponding to the first uploaded file is offered as a download. Regardless of whether the download is cancelled/open/saved the client-side javascript appears to stop processing without an error message. When the upload popup box is closed the Cancel buttons and upload progress bars remain on the screen. There is no indication that the uploads were successful. If the Global Index page is reloaded, the uploaded files appear in the item list indicating success.

A trivial issue: IE9 does not support the selection of multiple files in the file selection box. The user must click the Upload Files button, select a file, repeat.

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  1. Roger Haase reporter

    IE11 has same issue. The current version of Opera and Microsoft Edge do not have this issue.

    Workaround is ignore the downloaded file or use a different browser.

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