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namespace selection

Thomas Waldmann
repo owner created an issue

many whoosh queries do not select on the namespace. as the namespace does not matter due to this, e.g. userprofiles namespace show up in the global items index.

we need:

some way to offer / select / switch namespaces (on the UI), the default should be NAMESPACE_DEFAULT (currently there is only one additional namespace (NAMESPACE_USERPROFILES), but there could be many more added by configuration).

be more selective in whoosh queries (include the current namespace similar to like we already select on the wikiname)

maybe we also need something like "search/operate in all namespaces"

Comments (2)

  1. Prakhar Joshi

    In using namespace the global index view and the history still shows the content of the default namespace even when we are using namespace like foo, bar.

    We have to change the url also for the global index to <namespace_name>/+index/... And we have to show the content of that particular namespace only under the url.

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