Subitem links are incorrect (due to name being a LIST)

Issue #335 resolved
ishayahu_lastov created an issue

If I create subitem there are some error: link from wiki is right, but from subitems is brocken:

<a class="subitem-link" title="TEST" href="/%5Bu%27PC-BSD%20FAQ/TEST%27%5D"></a>

it's looks like list for path doesn't addoped to correct url

It should be PC-BSD%20FAQ/TEST, instead of this it's [u'PC-BSD FAQ/TEST']

Comments (7)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    index and subitems view is currently broken due to the switch to have a LIST of names.

  2. Roger Haase

    If you modify a page with subitems, position cursor in text area, and then click the "Transclude subitem" icon link on left panel: the link pasted into textarea is wrong.

    Clicking the "Link to Subitem" icon produces a correct link.

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