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We can use


{{{ text }}}


Syntax for defining a pre section.

Currently we can also add some attribute also an undifined one do get no error.





This renders different to a pre section.

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  1. Sam Toyer

    Okay, I'm just going to put down what I think is happening here. Moin wiki syntax allows the user to specify a content type to interpret a preformatted block as, for example:

    Some text here to be interpreted as text/mypre

    If the highlighter for the text/mypre content type isn't installed, the following output should be produced.

    Some text here to be interpreted as text/mypre

    But instead, the following is produced:

    Some text here to be interpreted as text/mypre

    So it should produce a preformatted block with no highlighting if the highlighter isn't installed, but instead simply produces a normally styled paragraph.

  2. Reimar Bauer

    not only highlighting

    in the past we were able to use any other markup this way inside moin wiki markup. We should become first clear what we now want.

    A different solution is to have only items in different markup transcluded with a common syntax in all convertors, see Then the mirgration script has to create items or subitem from each 1.9 parser section.

    If we want to avoid this it is needed to call the convertor for the markup and to render this piece inline the other convertor.






    should call csv convertor and render this

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