Navibar link for Home should be item_root

Issue #347 resolved
Roger Haase created an issue

If wiki admin changes name of start page by adding

item_root = "FrontPage"

to wikiconfig, then Navibar link should say FrontPage, not Home.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    "Home" is a translatable string there, meaning the item_root page no matter how it is named.

    If we change this and someone does not use "Home", it would not get translated any more.

    So the questions boils down to: are we displaying a page NAME there or is "Home" just a term meaning "go home, go to root_item page" in general.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    what i have analyzed so far is that currently the url generated for "Home" link points to FrontPage. the same url is used for moin-logo there from "layout.html" template.

  3. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    Roger, any comment on what I wrote? Before trying to fix it, we should first decide whether it is a bug.

  4. Reimar Bauer

    if we need a generic root item we should use a "/" for it. We have to think also about the meaning of /item. In 1.9 it is a subpage of the current page if used in the text.

    It is much more natural compared with a directory that its scope is from "/"

    A change of this would also make it necessary to have "../" and "./" as link operators in item text.

  5. Roger Haase reporter

    Regarding whether "Home" is a page name or a generic root:

    I went retro and changed the start page to FrontPage on my repo wiki. While switching between, and my repo wiki, I found it confusing to click Home and sometimes go to FrontPage. So I created this issue as a bug.

    On the other hand, MediaWiki is similar to current Moin2 but disagrees on the word for root_item. If we look at, Main Page links to Main_page. On, Main Page links to MediaWiki. And on Main Page links to MineCraft_Wiki.

    So the question is if a wiki admin does not like the term "Home" or whatever the German, Russian, Chinese,.. translation is for Home, can the admin change it to Main Page, Start, Index, FrontPage, ... Maybe this issue should be discussed as a feature rather than a bug.

    One alternative is to eliminate the word and use an icon as a replacement.

    Another alternative is to eliminate the "Home" link entirely and rely on the wiki (MoinMoin) Icon. But this may be confusing to casual users.

    Perhaps the root cause of the confusion noted above is that the modernized and foobar theme headings emphasize the file name too much and do not encourage each page to have a proper heading defined within the page content (1.5.x issue?). So another alternative may be to change the themes so the file name is not shown in the heading (see mediawiki, file name is in browser bar but nowhere else).

    Changing "Home" to root_item or any of the 3 above alternatives would work for me. But current state is undesirable imho.

  6. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    If "Main Page" is better than "Home", we can use it as the link text for that. We can also change the default value of the root_item name to be "MainPage" (maybe no %20 in there) if that is considered better than "Home".

    About configurability: yes, there is cfg.navi_bar to configure such stuff. But configuring likely means losing the translation for the link text as anything else than the default is likely not translated / translatable.

    I don't think we should use an icon within navi_bar, that is stylistically different to other elements there. And if the wiki has a logo, we already have an image than is linked to the root_item.

    I on purpose duplicated that link into the navi_bar, as clicking on the logo is maybe not an obvious way for everybody, so I wanted to have that explicit "Home" link as text.

    About the "filename" vs "heading" issue: I already tried to make the "filename" a little smaller than in 1.x, but as it has location breadcrumbs navigation functionality, we shouldn't get completely rid of it.

    Roger, your last sentence: did you mean just using the root_item name "as is" (no translation) as link text AND link target for navi_bar? I think that would work for me, too.

  7. Roger Haase reporter

    Right, original thought was to use the untranslated item_root (aka root_item = app.cfg.item_root) as link text and link target. We would continue to use Home as default. A wiki admin could change it to any name by editing

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