linking/transclusion of subitems

Issue #352 resolved
Ashutosh Singla created an issue

Currently the linking and transclusion of sub-items is not implemented correctly, the problem is that the javascript functions dealing with linking/transclusion stuff are not adapted to work with the various markups present.

The current solution is to convert linking/transclusion buttons into a single button which just has the "insert name" option that just inserts the sub-item name and leaves the user to do rest of the markup.

After the proper implementation of the markups we can think about implementing them.

Also as discussed with RogerHasse why to limit the linking/stuff to sub-items only? User may want to transclude any other link, so we can basically have something like a transclude button somewhere in the toolbar or in the modifying panel that does the given job, also it is a better idea to have a single transclude button instead of having each one along with the subitem.

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