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Two carets (^) on a line?

Andreas Kloeckner
created an issue

What's the suggested way to put two carets on a single line without having superscript formatting kick in? I'd also love to see this documented...

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner
    this is some text with carets^marking superscript^.
    this is some text with carets`^`not marking superscript`^`.

    Note: a side effect of using backticks is that it gets monospaced. So maybe we should have a rather general form of "escaping" in moin markup. Maybe not in the moin-1.9 compatible converter, but in the already slightly different moin2 one.

  2. Andreas Kloeckner reporter

    My use case is typing math using MathJax. MathJax works by finding math between $...$, and carets are used for superscripts a lot, so two on a line may happen easily. Now, if there are any HTML tags between the dollar signs, MathJax simply gives up. That's why the current escaping solution isn't quite sufficient for me.

  3. Andreas Kloeckner reporter

    Yes, exactly.

    I'm not sure $...$ is a good choice, though, because there are really two different mechanism that are needed. First, MathJax processing, which uses the $ as markers. Second, the quoting, which preserves the text inside it verbatim, so that MathJax can find what it needs to process. I think these should be separate.

    More concisely, I wouldn't expect quotes from a quoting mechanism to survive in the output. Yet, that's exactly what would need to happen if $...$ were to assume that function.

    Any other favorite characters?

  4. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    i fixed my previous comment, so it is better visible what I meant: backtick-dollar ... dollar-backtick. backticks are the moin mechanism for not interpreting what's between them. dollars is the mechanism for detecting mathjax markup by mathjax.

    hope it is clearer now. if there is any issue left, please point at it more specifically.

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