IE9 (and Chrome Incognito) hang the Built-In Web server on Windows 7

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When using the built-in web server, IE9 may hang the server when accessing any web page. This happens frequently; usually on the first or second page although once I was able to successfully access 6 pages in a row. Once the built-in web server is hung, it is hung for all other browsers. The server must either be restarted or all running copies of IE9 must be stopped.

When Chrome is run in Incognito mode, it hangs on the first request. However, accessing the server with any other browser un-freezes the server and both the other browser and the Incognito window are served successfully.

The issue appears to be similar to reported incidents in other single process web servers:

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  1. RogerHaase reporter

    I think so. I reran quickinstall.bat, the installation messages said flask 0.7.1 and werkzeug 0.6.2. However, when I look in the env site-packages directory, it says flask 0.7.2.

    I could not get IE9 to display any wiki pages at all. After each try the server was hung for all browsers and a restart was required. Before, IE9 usually hung on the second page.

    With Chrome in Incognito mode, I was able to access about 5 pages before it hung. Accessing the server with Firefox unfroze the server and Chrome Incognito displayed the page.

    I also tried using the built-in server included with Moin-1.9. Both IE9 and Chrome Incognito work well on the moin-1.9 server.

  2. RogerHaase reporter

    After more googling and testing, I found that using instead of localhost appears to be a useable workaround for both IE9 and Chrome Incognito. I will update my bookmarks/favorites and report back if I have additional failures.

    I dropped the priority to minor

  3. RogerHaase reporter

    I took another look at this issue while working on issue #128 today.

    IE9 does not exhibit the hanging problem when accessing the moin 1.9 wikiserver.

    An easier way to stop the hanging condition on IE9 is to do a page refresh if there is no response to the current request within 1-2 seconds. Then attempt to access the hanging page again (hopefully just a mouse-click, else retype the url). discusses a similar problem that was resolved on the django project.

    Changing the priority to major from minor.

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