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Issue #362 resolved
Reimar Bauer
created an issue

With multiple names of an item currently a subscriber knows only about the one explicitly selected. Change by someone on one of its other names won't be notified to the subscriber. Also the subscription is not shown by the navigation element for one of its other names.


"name": [ "logo", "python" ],

If you subscribe to logo the navigation element offers subscribe for python. I have not checked but I guess one only gets a diff mail for changes on logo.

The navigation link should tell subscribed already by the other name.

A similiar problem exists with quicklinks

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  1. ana-balica

    Currently if user is subscribed to the item using its itemid or one of its names, then user will receive notifications if the changes occurred on one of the item named pages, if a new name was added or removed to the item. And the subscription in the navigation panel is shown if user is subscribed to any of the item names.

    Consequently now the user will receive notifications about all changes, even if he is subscribed by a single name (and the item has multiple names).

    The subscription by itemid is more stable (will survive renames), but the name subscription is more flexible. The decision should be made consciously by the user. There are also other subscription options, see here.

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