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Issue #364 new

Search is broken due to names being a list.

Ashutosh Singla
created an issue

The current item_name_analyzer, works given that item name is a single unicode value, fails in case the name is a list.

def item_name_analyzer():
    Analyzer behaviour:

    Input: u"some item name", u"SomeItem/SubItem", u"GSOC2011"

    Output: u"some", u"item", u"name"; u"Some", u"Item", u"Sub", u"Item"; u"GSOC", u"2011"
    iwf = MultiFilter(index=IntraWordFilter(mergewords=True, mergenums=True),
                      query=IntraWordFilter(mergewords=False, mergenums=False)
    analyzer = RegexTokenizer(r"\S+") | iwf | LowercaseFilter()
    return analyzer

So, the lookup and search views are broken due to this reason.