Upload text box is not editable

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Ashutosh Singla
created an issue

Try modifying an item, select a file to upload. Now you cannot remove the upload selection in case you wish to continue editing/save the text written in the text area. So, we need a editable upload box here, so that the user can remove the file URL manually in case he doesn't want to upload a file.

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  1. sharky

    For me it works by clicking on "Choose File" again and clicking on "Cancel" on the File browser window which appears. The box which displayed the file earlier now reverts to "No File Choosen"

    btw this on Chromium Version 23.0.1271.95, if it helps.

  2. sharky

    the method described for Chromium Browser, works with Google Chrome (as expected).

    the issue can be reproduced with Firefox. I've tried with Firefox 18, 19.0.2, 20.

    A proposed solution is to add a "Clear", button, clicking which explicitly clears the input box value. This will work on all browsers.

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