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Issue #371 new

IOError while testing with py.test

created an issue

IOError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/home/chitrank/Documents/Google_Summer_of_code/MoinMoinwiki/2.0/MoinMoin/util/_tests/test_interwiki.py/contrib/interwiki/intermap.txt'

for the following test I have made the changes in 2.0/MoinMoin/util/_tests/test_interwiki.py

  • abspath = file.rsplit('MoinMoin')[0]
  • testfile = os.path.join(abspath, 'contrib', 'interwiki', 'intermap.txt')
  • abspath = file .rsplit('2.0')[0]
  • testfile = os.path.join(abspath,'2.0','contrib', 'interwiki', 'intermap.txt')

Comments (6)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    Well, while the patch might fix the issue for you, the code is still as broken as it was before, the issue just triggers on a different path now.

    btw, you don't need to cite the patch within the issue description, but maybe use .txt as extension for the attached file, so every browser will open it as a text file for easy reviewing.

  2. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    the patch in its current state is not acceptable (unclean, not a straightforward and simple fix for the fundamental issue).

    also, why don't you reuse the same codereview id and continue working there until all issues are fixed with the code? you can upload changes to same codereview using -i <id>.

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