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New Users Cannot Tell When Quickinstall Fails (pdfminer broken?)

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New Windows based user li yan has a failing quickinstall, see attached file quickinstall.txt.

Quickinstall is failing to install pdfminer, then omits the download for ~18 packages, then omits running setup for ~39 packages, then more or less completes successfully:

Downloading/unpacking pdfminer (from moin==2.0.0a0)
      Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pdfminer (from moin==2.0.0a0)
          (from versions: 20100829, 20101226, 20091219, 20100213, 20100327, 20100424, 20100322,
          20101017, 20100104, 20110227, 20091129, 20091024, 20100131, 20100619p1, 20110515,
          dist-20080727, dist-20090201, dist-20080629, dist-20080429, dist-20080906,
          dist-20090110, dist-20090517, dist-20090117)
      Cleaning up...
    No distributions matching the version for pdfminer (from moin==2.0.0a0)
    Storing complete log in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\pip\pip.log
    Compiling translations (not required if wiki is English only) ...
    running compile_catalog

A clue may be these "real name" messages that I do not see on my Windows 7 quickinstall output.:

  Real name of requirement babel is Babel
  Real name of requirement pytest-pep8 is pytest-pep8
  Real name of requirement sphinx is Sphinx

In addition to fixing whatever is wrong with pdfminer, maybe:

  • change install docs to suggest "quickinstall > quickinstall.txt"
  • have an example of text output from a successful quickinstall
  • have an example of output dlc and env directory structure
  • have a post process that checks quickinstall.txt for strings like:
    • Could not find
    • error
    • fail
    • traceback
    • timeout
  • have a post process that checks for key files in env directory

(When needed, the post processes should output a clear FAILURE message as the last message).

Comments (12)

  1. Glenn Johnson

    This error happened repeatedly today while installing under CentOS 6.4. I retried the install several times with the same results. Prior installs on the same platform and same machine were completely successful.

    Is it likely that something in the code has changed?

  2. RogerHaase reporter

    A guess is the problem is in Python pip. For some installations it fails when a release number is not specified in the file. Try replacing the file in the repo root with one I have attached. The only change is a release number is specified for pdfminer and XStatic-JSON-js.

  3. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    i had a quick look into the issue and propose that we just drop xstatic-json-js from moin2, it seems to be related to IE7 and earlier only.

    And also drop other support for IE7 and earlier.

    For pdfminer, we should open an issue about this in their issue tracker and work around it as long as needed.

    Does that sound good?

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