New user accounts when user_email_verification is False

Issue #381 resolved
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If a new user account is created and user_email_verification = False, then in the metadata of the user profile user email should be set as valid ("email": "").

At the moment carelessly of the setting of user_email_verification flag, the new accounts are created with the email set to the meta key email_unvalidated. In such cases new "validated" users don't receive notifications about subscribed items' changes. In order to overcome the issue, users should manually update their email addresses on the Settings page (till then email will stay email_unvalidated).

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  1. ana-balica reporter

    All the configuration flags are stored in I see that the flag is indeed missing from the main config (this might also be an issue).

    Nevertheless the local config must be created in a separate hg-ignored file (see the comments at the bottom of on how to do that). In the local config you will be able to set the flag.

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