UnicodeEncodeError when logged into wiki

Issue #387 resolved
Ishayahu Lastov
created an issue

When I logged into wiki with AD, on any page except Home page I've got UnicodeEncodeError. Without logging into wiki I can see any page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log into wiki
  2. Try to open any page except Home page
  • tra.html - error tracing
  • backup.moin.local.tar - wiki backup with tar

Comments (3)

  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    it doesn't seem to be related to your username. but when you are logged in, it will do some checks whether you have subscribed to an item (or not). I guess our code back then had some troubles to process non-ascii item names, but the current code looks good.

    I assume this is fixed now, if anybody can reproduce with current code, please reopen.

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